Tom Hanks Considered For Villain Role in Tim Burton's Dumbo

Yesterday, when Deadline broke the news that Will Smith (Suicide Squad) is currently being eyed for a role in Tim Burton's Dumbo — a live-action retelling of the 1941 Disney animated classic — many people overlooked another sites more informative report that provided details on who Smith might play in the movie and which two-time Oscar winning actor is being considered for the main villain.

"If a deal closes, Smith would play the father of the children who develop a friendship with the lovable elephant after seeing him at the circus," Variety report. "Insiders also indicate that Tom Hanks has been offered a role as the villain. He may, however, choose instead to star in the World War II drama The Grey Hound."

The safe assumption is that Hanks would play The Ringmaster. He was, of course, the main antagonist in the 1941 film, locking up Dumbo's mom after she aggressively defended him from cruel humans and demoting the big-eared elephant to a circus clown.


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Dumbo (1941) - Meet Dumbo, Mrs. Jumbo's sweet little "Baby Mine" who charms all who see him, until it's discovered that he has huge floppy ears! With the support of his very best friend, Timothy the mouse, Dumbo soon learns that his spectacular ears make him unique and special, allowing him to soar to fame as the world's only flying elephant.


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