Tom Hiddleston Believes That Loki Is Running Asgard Pretty Well

The last time we saw Loki, he didn't look like himself.

The adopted son of Odin was sitting on his father's throne, posing as the king, to conclude Thor: The Dark World. During his promotional rounds for Crimson Peak, Hiddleston has been asked about what Loki's up to and where we'll see him next several times.

Speaking to ScreenRant, Hiddleston says he knows as much as we do about what Loki's been doing since the end of Thor 2. "That's all I know that he's been doing," he says. As for his time on the throne, Hiddleston is confident in Loki's ruling abilities, saying "I'm interested to see what's happened in the time between. I like to believe that actually he runs Asgard pretty well. The trains run on time and he keeps the streets clean."


But when asked if we'll see Loki in Infinity War or Thor: Ragnorok, Hiddleston doesn't have much - or any - information to share. "You know, I genuinely do not know. I wish there was something I could tell you," Hiddleston said. "I haven't spoken to anyone at Marvel for about two years. That universe is expanding at such a rate, so…your guess is as good as mine."