Tom Holland Says Captain America: Civil War Trailer Blew His Mind, Shares Chris Hemsworth Tips


Despite not being featured in the film's first look, Captain America: Civil War star Tom Holland was still quite impressed with the movie's trailer.

"It blew my mind," Holland, who will play Spider-Man in the super hero feud flick, tells IGN about the trailer. "It's awesome. It's a wicked trailer."

Holland said this in an interview promoting his upcoming film, In The Heart Of The Sea, in which he stars alongside an already-established Avenger, Chris Hemsworth. Hemsworth has mentored the young actor on set but he also has some advice for life, in general.

"[Hemsworth] just said the main thing is remain grounded but then just enjoy life now before it changes," Holland explained. "I think my life will change pretty drastically when the films are released so I'm just enjoying walking down the street while I can."

He's not wrong. Holland will quickly be a household face and name when he finally debuts as the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Spider-Man. In no time, he'll be on lunchboxes, t-shirts, posters, action figures and have fast food chain endorsements. A Marvel hero is the fast lane to super-stardom, so buckle up, young man!


In The Heart Of The Sea sails into theaters December 11, 2015, while Captain America: Civil War is set for release May 6, 2016.