Tom Holland Says Spider-Man Will Be The Biggest Independent Film Ever


We don't really know much at all about the standalone Spider-Man film coming in 2017 aside from a couple of its cast members (including Marisa Tomei as Aunt May) and director, Jon Watts, but we do know Tom Holland is as excited about it as he should be.

The 19-year-old actor has been making the rounds promoting In The Heart Of The Sea which opens this weekend but of course everyone has been asking him about the upcoming Spider-Man role he landed in June of this year.

He recently opened up about the long audition process, telling The Daily Beast that he had to send in at least five self-taped auditions from different sets with the help of co-stars Joel Kinnaman and Jon Bernthal before auditioning in person, once with Robert Downey Jr. and once with Chris Evans. It was in person where he showed off his gymnastics skills to really help him land the part of Peter Parker. "We had to do a movement test and then I said, 'Can I just demonstrate some of the things that I can do?' and they all were a little unsure of what I was talking about, and then I did a series of backflips and landed on the X, and was like, 'Thank you!' and then just left."

"Spidey is a big deal," says Holland. "I still can't believe that it's happened. I wake up nearly every single night thinking it's a dream and I have to Google myself to believe that it's real."

As for the upcoming movie, Holland has an interesting way of describing it. He gives the term, "independent film," a new meaning. "It's not The Dark Knight," he says. "One of the special things about what we're going to try and create is that you're going to see the biggest independent film ever. It's not going to be an epic thing; it's going to be a film surrounded by these incredible things, but that follows this boy and his life. Peter Parker is a favorite of many because everyone can relate to him, and we're going to try to make everyone relate to our Peter Parker. And John Hughes is a perfect example of what we're going to try and do."

Though Holland comes from a background of independent films, as in, films created independently of studios, Spider-Man comes from not one, but two studios, with Sony Studios (who has to approve Spider-Man in Civil War) and Marvel Studios teaming up to produce the film.

Tom Holland will make his debut as the web-slinger in Captain America: Civil War on May 6, 2016 and later star in his own Spider-Man movie on July 28, 2017.