Top Five Comic Book Movie Stories Of 2012

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Yesterday we took a look at the biggest comic book stories of 2012. And while comic book movies have been going strong for awhile, 2012 turned out to be the biggest year ever for comic book movies. Theories and spoilers about comic book movie plot lines were common throughout 2012 on even the largest mass media sites. Here are our picks for the top five comic book movie stores of 2012. 5. Letterman Spoils The Ending Of The Dark Knight Rises – While interviewing Anne Hathaway, David Letterman dropped a major Dark Knight Rises spoiler. He revealed that at the end of The Dark Knight Rises that Batman dies, which got many fans into an uproar. Of course, Letterman was only telling half the story, since it turns out that Bruce Wayne actually survived his apparent death. 4. Is Robin In The Dark Knight Rises? – It was one of the most heated debate in all of the comic book movie world. While many insisted that director Christopher Nolan would never include Robin in one of his Batman movies, others pointed to Easter Eggs in the trailers which hinted at Robin. In the end, Nolan surprised everyone by sort of including Robin. Even though there was no familiar green, yellow, and red costume, it was revealed that John Blake's first name was Robin. 3. Who Are The Aliens In The Avengers? – While Marvel Studios wasn't shy about showing Avengers footage ahead of the release date, they did manage to keep one big secret. Every comic book website had a theory about who the mysterious aliens were in The Avengers, and most of the theories turned out to be wrong. While Marvel Studios honchos tried to throw everyone off by saying the aliens weren't Skrulls, the aliens turned out to be Chitauri, which are basically Skrulls by a different name. 2. The Avengers Shatters Opening Weekend Box Office Record – Everyone expected The Avengers to do well at the box office in its opening weekend, but the movie exceeded even the wildest expectations. The Avengers not only broke the opening weekend box office record, but it shattered the record with an amazing $207 million take. It's a record that probably only Avengers 2 will be able to break. 1. Shooting At The Dark Knight Rises Screening – Unfortunately, the comic book movie story that got the most coverage in the media during 2012 was a tragic story. A mass shooting took place during a screening of The Dark Knight Rise in Aurora, Colorado. Twelve people were killed and fifty-eight people were injured in one of the most horrific shootings in U.S. history.