Transformers: Age of Extinction Is Officially Biggest Opening Weekend of 2014 With $100M

Revised estimates for the weekend box office appear to indicate that Transformers: Age of Extinction will just barely reach the elusive $100 million milestone.

Deadline is now reporting that with a huge slump between Friday and Saturday numbers, the film -- which was expected to generate as much as $105 million this weekend -- will now make between $98 and $99 million. That's still the best opening of the year, but with a sluggish box office the last couple of months, Hollywood had been hoping to eclipse $100 million as a symbolic move.

Paramount Pictures, who distributed he film, predicted yesterday that it would pass $100 million by the end of tonight and have not yet revised that expectation. Obviously it would take a less-than-5% margin of error to push the numbers back up in that direction. Box Office Mojo, which tends to project slightly higher for summer tentpoles and often be right, has the movie at exactly $100 million.

It Transformers doesn't make $100 million, it's likely the only movie this year that will open that big is The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One, due out in November. Each of the previous Hunger Games movies have opened in the $150 million range at the U.S. domestic box office.

Transformers added another $200 million total from the international box office, including a monster opening in China, which the studio was shooting for when they filmed key scenes there and added Chinese performers to the cast.

Our original report suggested that the movie would likely not make the $100 million mark. That was based on a misreading of the Deadline report. We apologize for any confusion.