Transformers: Age of Extinction Super Ticket Coming

Regal Entertainment and Paramount Pictures announced last night that they will revive the Super [...]

Regal Entertainment and Paramount Pictures announced last night that they will revive the Super Ticket program in support of Transformers: Age of Extinction.

The program offers movie tickets at premium prices, packaged with prepaid "bonus features" like snacks, custom 3-D glasses and sometimes a digital download of the film when it's released on video.

In the case of Transformers: Age of Extinction, for $15 more than the cost of a standard ticket, guests get a Super Ticket including two digital HD Transformers movies. Guests get their choice of a Digital HD copy of any of the first three Transformers movies, plus they get to own the Digital HD copy of Transformers: Age of Extinction before the Blu-ray release.

"The Super Ticket is changing the way our guests experience a movie and it's a must-have for ardent fans," said Ken Thewes, chief marketing officer for Regal Entertainment Group. "The moviegoing experience now doesn't end when you leave our theatres. Guests can actually bring the Transformers home with them by purchasing two Digital HD movies for only $15!"

Last year, the Super Ticket program was used to bolster the box office take of a number of high-profile releases, both hits like World War Z and smaller releases like Kick-Ass 2. Those Super Tickets were generally anchored to a specific price point (say, $29.95, for instance) so that it didn't matter what cinema you went to or what time you saw the film.

These sorts of preorders are getting increasingly common as the home video market shifts toward streaming; Wal-Mart routinely offers fans the opportunity to preorder big hit TV series and movies by going to the store and buying a redemption card. In this way, the retailer can take advantage of customers when they're most susceptible to advertising (a film's opening weekend in theaters, for instance, or the same week a show like The Walking Dead finished its season) and fans can, typically, get some digital-exclusive bonus features for redeeming the card early.