Transformers: How To Ride Your Dinobot Videos Released

Transformers: How to Ride Your Dinobot

Hasbro's official Transformers YouTube channel released a series of short animated videos providing instructions on "How To Ride Your Dinobot." These Looney Tunes like videos show different Autobots trying to get the hang of riding the Dinobots. There are three in total: "Getting on a Dinobot," "How To Ride," and "How To Fight." The Dinobots are the dimwitted Transformers who are able to transform into dinosaur forms. Introduced in the original Transformers animated series, the Dinobots will make their film debut in Transformers: Age of Extinction. The most talked about visual from the trailers for the Transformers: Age of Extinction has in fact been Optimus Prime riding on the back of Grimlock, the king of the Dinobots. Transformers: Age of Extinction comes to theaters June 27.