Veronica Mars Could Still Return According To Kristen Bell

Veronica Mars

The return of Veronica Mars seemed imminent when series star Kristen Bell teamed up with its producer Rob Zombie for iZombie on the CW.

I wouldn't go running to your best friends teling them a new Veronica Mars project is on the way but one of the most important components is certainly onboard. "We've ping-ponged other ideas but it always comes back to Veronica Mars because it's so special to the both of us and in truth, because it's so beloved by fans," Bell says of a potential relaunch of the series. "The whole reason to create something is so people will love it and we have the best fans on the planet so we're definitely still looking for the window where we could allow Veronica to exist again, whether it's a miniseries or a short-run cable series."

Those fans didn't exactly flock to theaters when the show was adapted to the big screen in 2014. The $6 million project merely exceed a $3 million box office return. That said, popular TV shows can sometimes struggle when heading to theaters, especially after being on hiatus for several years. Entourage can attest to that.

So it's not a lack of desire to do a new Veronica Mars show but, rather, it's lack of time. "There's a constant dialogue about projects and when we can work together again, and it's unfortunate that our schedules are quite different and that my kids and current television show keep me very busy so I'm not often available. But he knows I would be there for anything were I to have the time," Bell says. This can be best exampled by her voiceover cameo on iZombie. The actress says it was "actually less than I would have liked to do."

Bell concluded with a last glimmer of hope for fans. "We haven't dropped the conversation," she says. "It just might end up being more like a Murder, She Wrote, where I'm 80."


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source: EW