Veronica Mars Movie Featurette Plays Up the Veronica/Logan/Piz Love Triangle


In the first production featurette officially released by Warner Bros. for the upcoming feature film adaptation of the cult-hit UPN/CW series Veronica Mars, director RobThomas has grabbed the show's biggest bull by the horns. That's the love triangle between Veronica, Stosh ("Piz") Piznarski and Logan Echolls; prior to production, most fans didn't even consider the possibility that the "love triangle" would carry over from the series, which ended more than five years ago, but as soon as it was established that Piz is still in the picture, it became clear that fans would be seeing Chris Lowell pitted against Jason Dohring for at least the duration of another movie. The four-minute featurette combines talking-head interviews with footage from the TV series and the film, giving only the vaguest sense for where the plot itself is going--and one major non-plot series callback. Veronica Mars, due in theaters and then on video in February 2014, was filmed over the summer following a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign that generated more than $5 million to produce the film. Warner Bros., the studio who paid for the original series, had come to an agreement with Thomas that they would pay to promote and distribute the film if he could raise $2 million from fans for the production itself. Check it out below.

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from Veronica Mars on Vimeo.