Vin Diesel Confirms Big Marvel Studios News Is Coming

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Ever since Vin Diesel revealed that he had met with Marvel Studios, fans have been speculating if the Fast & Furious actor might be up for a role in an upcoming Marvel Studios movie. Various hints dropped by Vin Diesel seem to point toward a role as The Vision in The Avengers 2, but it could always be a completely different role in a completely different movie. During the Riddick panel at 2013 San Diego Comic-Con, Vin Diesel faced a question about his meeting with Marvel Studios. Vin Diesel said, "Why did I have to go ahead and say, 'Ask the question'? One last one, and he asks the one question I'm not supposed to say anything on." As the crowd shouted and hooted, Vin Diesel added, "What do you think? Well, I will say there is some very big news coming at the end of this month." After Vin Diesel's comments, the crowd enthusiastically applauded in approval. Since Vin Diesel said at the end of the month, it seems to indicate that the announcement won't be made at Saturday's Marvel Studios panel. Vin Diesel could be referring to Disney's D23 Expo, but that event actually occurs next month in early August.