Vin Diesel Hints At Marvel Role: The Vision, Rocket Raccoon, & Thanos

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During the Riddick panel at 2013 San Diego Comic-Con International, Vin Diesel revealed that big news about him and Marvel Studios was coming soon. Ever since Vin Diesel revealed that he was meeting with Marvel Studios awhile back, everyone has been in a frenzy trying to guess what role he is up for. For his part, Vin Diesel hasn't come out and revealed his role, but he has provided some helpful hints through clues he has dropped and reactions he's given to press questions. The three biggest rumors in regards to Vin Diesel's role are that he is playing The Vision in Avengers 2, the voice of Rocket Raccoon in Guardians Of The Galaxy, or Thanos across both the Guardians Of The Galaxy and the Avengers 2. One popular rumor that is gaining steam online is that Vin Diesel will be the voice of Rocket Raccoon. When an IGN interviewer mentioned Rocket Raccoon, Vin Diesel replied, "I love your independence. I love the fact that you're able to say things that not everybody thinks but that you think." While Vin Diesel joining Guardians Of The Galaxy would make sense from the perspective of bringing some more star power to that film, would Marvel Studios really want to tie up Vin Diesel in what is essentially a voice role? With the wealth of characters that Marvel Studios owns, wouldn't they want to put Vin Diesel in a role where his huge fan following will be able to see as well as hear him on the big  screen? Most of the hints that Vin Diesel has provided have steered in the direction of The Vision in Avengers 2. When announcing the Marvel Studios meeting, Vin Diesel mentioned having "tunnel vision," and he posted an image of himself standing beside a poster of the Avengers #2 cover. In an interview with MTV, Vin Diesel mentioned that Marvel had over eight thousand characters, but he also specifically provided the example that there were two versions of The Vision. Vin Diesel also told EW's Darren Franich that his Marvel role involved a love story. With Marvel recently announcing Scarlet Witch would be part of Avengers 2, it certainly would make sense that The Vision would be brought in to add a romantic touch to the Avengers 2. Of course, the other character that Vin Diesel's love story hint could point to is Thanos. A major part of Thanos' storyline in the comics was that he was obsessed and in love with the physical embodiment of death, Mistress Death. The Thanos role would make a lot of sense as it would allow Marvel Studios to bring Vin Diesel's star power to both the Guardians Of The Galaxy and the Avengers 2. While it's possible that Marvel Studios will announce Vin Diesel's role at the Marvel Studios panel at Comic-Con today, Vin Diesel indicated yesterday that the announcement would be coming at the end of month, which has many speculating that his role won't be announced until Disney's D23 Expo in early August.