Vin Diesel Shows How He Would Play Black Bolt In Marvel's Inhumans

"Basically, if I said a single word I'd level all of London."

That's what Vin Diesel said after giving his best mute charades-style performance explaining how he'd play Black Bolt to IGN while on the Last Witch Hunter press tour.

The actor has spoken more than once, to press and to fans via social media, about his desire to play Black Bolt, king of the Inhumans in the upcoming 2019 Marvel Studios film. While there's a fairly hard and fast rule against any one actor playing more than one role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Diesel believes he (and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige) has found a work around. Since he lent his voice to Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy, he would need to simply play a character that doesn't speak.

Enter Black Bolt. The king of the superpowered group doesn't speak, or at least not much. That's because his primary ability is a voice that can shatter mountains with but a whisper. "When Kevin Feige started talking to me about it, there was something kind of genius about a voice for one thing, a presence for the other," Diesel told IGN.

Watch the video above for his miming, and for his best british accent because you know you want to hear that, and check out our artist's rendering above (or full size here) by BossLogic of what the actor might look like in costume.


Inhumans is currently scheduled for a July 12, 2019 release.