Viral Ghostbusters Firehouse Photo Tribute To Harold Ramis Isn't What People Claim

Harold Ramis

A photograph has been circulating on Twitter of the Ghostbusters sign hanging up in front of a New York City firehouse in tribute to Harold Ramis, who died on Monday. The firehouse, FDNY Ladder 8, was used for exterior shots in the filming of Ramis' Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II.

However, the photo is actually an old one. There is currently no Ghostbusters sign hanging in front of the firehouse, though fans have memorialized Ramis by leaving candles, flowers and Twinkies in front of the station.


Frank Dwyer, a spokesman for the New York City Fire Department, told USA Today that he doesn't know where the photo came from, but that it did not originate from the fire department.