Vision Will Discover His Limitations In Captain America: Civil War

CW Vision Poster

When The Vision was introduced in Avengers: Age of Ultron, his powers were totally undefined. Both character and the audiences were left wondering how much The Vision is actually capable of.

That won't be an issue with Captain America: Civil War. The Vision's arc in Civil War will be one in which he discovers his own limitations according to the filmmakers.

"In the same way that in Winter Soldier, we didn't want Steve to have trouble with iPhones and tight jeans, we wanted [Vision] to have [some] problems with the modern world," says Civil War writer, Christopher Markus. "We also don't want to do, [in robot voice] 'How do I become a human?' yet."

"His arc specifically is about him discovering his limitations," said director Joe Russo. "That was a fun conversation, because he sort of projects his own clothing, so it's an interpretation of his personality."

"We always thought about it from the point of view, Vision is thinking about how does he make himself fit in to situations and fit in with people and connect to characters," Anthony Russo added. "It's a very interesting projection. It's like how anybody chooses to dress. It's how you want to be or who you think you are."

"He's superior, but he doesn't have complete knowledge," Markus continues. "The question that everybody faces, when you put it to him, he has to have an opinion. And in a way, his opinion can sink other peoples' opinion completely because you're not gonna go, 'Oh, he's probably wrong.'"

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6.


source: Nerdist