Warcraft Movie Websites Announced, Movie Posters Released At BlizzCon 2014

Today at Blizzcon, everything was coming up Warcraft.

Not only did CEO Michael Morhaime announce two websites to promote the upcoming Warcraft feature film, but as part of the rollout of those sites, a pair of posters have been released as well.

Each of the sites -- Fight for the Alliance and Fight for the Horde -- focus on one of the two factions driving the conflict at the movie's core. They let users pick a side and create a profile to get access to exclusive features like custom profile icons, cover photos, wallpapers and social media graphics.

Little is known about the film's actual plot, although it's arguably the most-anticipated video game movie since Mortal Kombat. Legendary CEO Thomas Tull had confirmed in previous interviews that most of the action would revolve around two tribes in the larger human-orc conflict.

We just hope there's at least one "stop poking me!" reference.


Warcraft is expected in theaters in March 2016.