Warner Bros. Comic-Con 2015 Panel: DC Comics Movie Announcements Predictions

We're a week away from Comic-Con International: San Diego, where DC Entertainment will have a nearly-unchallenged turn at bat in terms of movies.

In spite of major releases coming up with huge fanboy appeal, studios like Marvel, Paramount and Sony aren't showing up. Warner Bros., meanwhile, has Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice out before next year's convention, and it's generally assumed that they will debut some footage during their panel.

...But what else might they do? This is a great opportunity for Warners to really plant a flag in San Diego soil.

We've got a few plausible ideas...

Green Lantern Casting

Green Lantern has already been announced, and it's generally assumed that the character will play a role in Justice League Part One. Still, he's the only one of the "Big Seven" of the Justice League who hasn't yet been cast.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that the next GL movie might feature at least two and possibly more Earth-born members of the Green Lantern Corps. Actors like Tyrese Gibson and Chris Pine have been rumored as "locked in" on and off for months.

So...what if Warners brought not one but a few members of the Green Lantern Corps out to be introduced on stage at Comic Con?

Given the fact that Ryan Reynolds is off somewhere being Deadpool all weekend, it might be fun to tie him into the presentation somehow...but probably not the best idea.

We expect that at least one Green Lantern might actually be announced at Comic-Con, although more than that...who knows?

Batman and Superman Solo Movies

Where's that Man of Steel sequel? And what about a Batman solo feature?

After years of the World's Finest being the only characters from DC Entertainment who could find their way onto the big screen, the company's production slate announcement relegated them to teammates on Justice League and Batman V Superman, in spite of the fact that Warners has just hired Best Picture winner Ben Affleck to play the Dark Knight.

Could we get a release date -- or at least a commitment -- on any planned Batman and Superman solo films (or, hell, a team-up film rather than a "versus") that Warners might have up their sleeves?


If there's one thing that DC has really, really liked to do in the last few Comic-Cons, it's to trot out the costumes of their heroes and villains.

From the stage to their booth, DC likes to show off all the work that their wardrobe departments do to get these heroes screen-ready...and while we might not actually get to see completed footage of Cyborg, The Flash and the like at the Warner panel, who's to say that means we won't get a look -- either in the "flesh" or in the form of concept art -- at the costumes that will transform the actors into their comic book counterparts?

The odds of this are pretty good, especially with the mileage that the Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman costumes have been getting at trade shows, licensing expos and even on the Warner Bros. backlot for the last year or so.

The real question, of course, is whether fans will like the look of The Flash as much as they do on The CW.

Sandman Progress Report

This one's kind of a long-shot, since everything we have been hearing indicates they aren't even particularly close on the script. But with recent reports that New Line Cinema is taking an active interest in the Vertigo line, could we hear what's up with Sandman?

Or, even more exciting, could we get announcements on projects like Fables, Transmetropolitan or Y: The Last Man, which have seemingly been dead in the water for a while now after years of rumored film and TV developments?

Justice League Dark

Without Guillermo del Toro, who reportedly has pulled out of the film, it seems likely that Dark Universe, the movie featuring John Constantine and Justice League Dark, is effectively dead. But in the world of the supernatural, being dead isn't much of an obstacle.

Could we hear about plans to move this project forward even without its champion, del Toro? With word of a Hellboy sequel coming and more Pacific Rim on the way, it never seemed like this was really his biggest priority anyway.