Watch X-Men: Days Of Future Past Cast On Good Morning America

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The cast X-Men: Days of Future Past made an appearance on Good Morning America this morning. Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Patrick Stewart and Ellen Page, as well as producer Lauren Schumer-Donner, all spoke about the film and what's it's like to be playing these characters 14 years after the original X-Men. McAvoy talked about what it was like to share a scene with the original Professor X, Patrick Stewart. "I've been a fan of Patrick's for a long, long time," said McAvoy, "but, when I took over the role, I never thought we'd be in the same movie together, let alone share a scene together. My first day happened to be Patrick's last day on the shoot, and to just get that handover, which I never had in the previous movie. It really did feel like a kind of relay. It felt like energy being passed. The custodian of this sort of wise, empathetic, caring, sort of almost priestly character, sometimes, had been handed over to this reprobate with long hair dressed in '70s gear with a pink, psychedelic shirt. It felt like [Patrick Stewart] shouldn't be doing this, this character will not be safe with me." Jackman also shared a story about how he hid in his trailer while McAvoy and the rest of the First Class cast were running around shooting each other with BB guns. You can see the whole video below. X-Men: Days of Future Past comes to theaters May 23. ABC US News | ABC Business News