What Role Does The Flash Play In Batman V Superman

Flash BvS

If you haven't seen Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice just yet, you might be wondering what role Ezra Miller's portrayal of The Flash plays in the movie.

Be warned, we're about to spoil it for you if you want to go in fresh, so this is your last turning back point. Continue if you wish.

In Dawn of Justice, The Flash plays a small role which appears to have a major impact on the future of DC Comics films. He has been discovered by Lex Luthor's research and caught on camera but also interacted with Bruce Wayne in what appeared to be a dream sequence.

After Bruce Wayne discovers through this research that Diana is Wonder Woman, he sends the files to her, where she finds footage of Aquaman, Cyborg, herself, and The Flash. The Flash saves a store clerk from being robbed and maintains his appearance of standing by the fridge.

The more important moment, though, came earlier. Though disguised as dream sequence, Bruce Wayne saw The Flash coming through what seemed like a boom tube to warn Bruce about something. He told Bruce, "Lois Lane is the key," and a few other things which were quite difficult to understand. He did get conclude, "I'm too soon!" This would mean, though, that Batman and The Flash will be interacting and likely factored into why Bruce Wayne told Ms. Prince that they and all of the other heroes will have to come together.


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