Who are the New Wonder Woman Movie Castmembers?


Overnight, several new castmembers were announced for Wonder Woman, with the announcement that principal photography is officially underway. Only two characters have been officially announced so far, though, with Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Chris Pine as Captain Steve Trevor.

So who are the rest of the cast, and who might they be playing?

Robin Wright has quite the storied career - she was a working actress two years before Gal Gadot was born! Her early career included the titular role of Princess Buttercup in The Princess Bride, a long run on soap opera Santa Barbara and a couple of TV movies. Forest Gump gave her a big jump in her career, and it's been primarily one of fairly straight drama films. Her only real genre credits to date would be Princess Bride and Beowulf.

Who could Robin Wright be playing? Well, the Hollywood age could be right for her to play Queen Hippolyta, Wonder Woman's mother. She could also be any number of prominent Amazons or one of the Gods of Olympus. If the past component to the film, which is rumored to take place in two eras (and has a set picture to support that) is World War II (conflicting reports have said it's one or the other of the World Wars), then she could be a character like Baroness Paula Von Gunther, a Nazi spy who fought Wonder Woman a few times in the Golden Age of the comics. There's also rumors of Circe being a villain in the film, so that's always a possibility - this is the problem with speculating when you have next to no details about a movie - almost everything is possible.

Danny Huston, meanwhile, has a lot of genre work under his belt, from American Horror Story to Wrath of the Titans to X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and has even lent his voice to a DC animated movie as General Lane in The Flashpoint Paradox. He could be something as simple as an Army general like General Phil Darnell (or Blankenship, depending on which era or medium you're referencing), who has ties to both Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor, or as imposing as Ares, another rumored villain for the film.

David Thewlis is probably best known to our fans as Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter series. He's also in this year's new Macbeth film as Duncan. He certainly has a godly air to him, but no specific character jumps out at first glance.

Ditto for the lithe Ewen Bremner. As Spud in Trainspotting, he wore a Superman t-shirt, so perhaps this is him fulfilling his DC Comics movie destiny, 20 years later.

Elena Anaya is a Spanish actress with only a couple of English speaking/Hollywood roles, including Van Helsing. If earlier rumors about Circe were true, namely that they were looking at an actress like Eva Green for the role, Anaya would certainly fit that bill with her stunning looks and screen presence.

The last new member of the cast announced was Lucy Davis, a veteran comedy actress from the original The Office, Shaun of the Dead, and much more. The character that jumps out here is Etta Candy, who is typically Wonder Woman's best friend, and has appeared in multiple eras. This is probably the safest bet.

Saïd Taghmaoui was also confirmed in the castlist, after he let that slip with his now-deleted tweet from the set (oops). He told a French publication his character is, "Un personnage de super héros gentil." Now, many have taken that as him saying he's playing a super hero, which the literal translation can support, but it could also be him saying he's just a "nice, heroic character," or simply, a good guy. If he is playing a super hero, well, it's fairly hard to figure out who. Some speculation has fallen on him being Giovanni Zatara, the father of Zatanna and an accomplished magic user himself - if Circe and Ares are indeed the villains, having a mystic in your corner would help. The copious workouts and shape he's gotten into doesn't seem very necessary for a guy who uses spells though. We'll go out on a limb here and suppose he could be Lennox, the British super-soldier revealed as Wonder Woman's half-brother in the most recent New 52 era of the comics. He can turn himself to living marble, a visually interesting power, for sure.


As production begins in earnest, more information will surely both leak out and be revealed officially soon. We should note as well, that Nicole Kidman was reportedly in talks for the film, but did not appear on this cast list.