Why Batman V. Superman Should Split Into Two Films


Recently a rumor has been circulating (as they're prone to do) that the forthcoming Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice may be split into two movies.

Given the logistics, costs, not to mention next month's likely premiere date for the trailer, it seems unlikely at this point.

In some respects, that's too bad. Rumor issues aside, the idea of making two films out of a movie like this one is sound strategy. 

Splitting Dawn of Justice into two movies or producing an immediate follow-up sequel wouldn't be a bad idea. After all, Dawn of Justice may arguably be the most important DC movie to date.

DC's and Warner's course of action with this franchise has been very ambitious. On the one hand there is something to be said about high risk, high reward; go big or go home. On the other hand, for DC, failure is simply not an option.

Dawn of Justice is the first sequel to a a successful Superman film since Superman II. With the exception of Superman Returns (which was financially prosperous but still garners a mixed reaction from audiences and critics), Man of Steel is the first successful Superman live action film since the 1980 film.

The upcoming DC film is first and foremost a sequel to Man of Steel and like any sequel, its purpose is to continue Clark's storyline and continue the success of the movie franchise.

But Dawn of Justice is more than a sequel. 

In fact, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say this movie is history in the making. For the first time ever, DC's Trinity will appear together on the big screen in a live-action adaptation. A monumental meeting like this deserves all the stops to be pulled out.

Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are more than flagship franchises for a comic book company. They are perhaps the three biggest superheroes in our culture. They are staples of our society, of our culture.

An momentous event like this requires careful planning.

While it is a sequel to Man of Steel, Dawn of Justice is being established as the "official debut" of the DC Cinematic Universe. A multitude of prominent players are expected to appear in the film. This movie will no doubt set the tone for DC films to follow.

When you consider all of this, a second film, for that matter a trilogy, would actually be a benefit for DC and Warner. There's no major franchise movie being released by Warner this year so the extra film would definitely give the studio a nice boost to their bottom line.


An additional film would allow the filmmakers to better develop story arcs, characters and define the DC Cinematic Universe.

If a lesser director was at the helm, I would have more concerns. Zack Snyder has repeatedly proven himself to be a very skilled and capable director. Whether it's one film or two, it's fair to say that Dawn of Justice will definitely be one for the history books.