Wolverine/Weapon X: Tomorrow Dies Today Trailer Released, Featuring Deathlok

Wolverine Weapon X: Tomorrow Dies Today

Shout! Factory have released a trailer for the upcoming Marvel Knights Animation feature film Wolverine - Weapon X: Tomorrow Dies Today. In the film, the future is controlled by a malevolent mega-corporation known as Roxxon — which keeps its tight grip on society through the use of cyborgs, the Deathloks, whose sole purpose is to seek out current and future vigilantes — and neutralize them with extreme prejudice. Now, in order to prevent Roxxon's rise and the eventual slaughter of the world's heroes, Wolverine must join forces with a mysterious woman possessing unexplained knowledge of the coming dystopia. He won't give up until the Deathloks are stopped, but what hope is there to prevent a future that has already come to pass? That the story, then, features two elements -- Roxxon and Deathlok -- which have appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe via feature films and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. means that fans will get a chance to watch a Wolverine who's pretty immersed in that mythology. You can check out the trailer below. The movie is released on DVD on Tuesday, May 13.