Wonder Woman Inspires Batman In Dawn Of Justice

Bruce Diana

When Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives later this month, the dynamic between each of the DC Comics heroes will all be very unique. Obviously, Batman and Superman won't be getting along very well, but what about Batman and Wonder Woman?

While the trailer seems to imply that both Batman and Superman are surprised by Wonder Woman's mid-battle arrival, the banter between Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince could be an indication of how Batman looks at Wonder Woman. Not only is he intrigued, but he is inspired.

"It inspires in him the idea that well, if there's one of these kinds of people out there, then maybe there are in fact more," Ben Affleck tells EW. "If there are more, then maybe that's hopeful and also terrifying to him, because then they could make humans even more powerless — or they could serve on our side. You've got to remember that Batman is the world's greatest detective, and if he suspects that there may be more, and if he suspects in particular that Diana may be somebody special, he gets inspired."

Being an acclaimed director, Affleck's opinion on acting is one that should be valued. He is singing nothing but praises for Gal Gadot's portrayal of the Warrior Princess.

"She's particularly beguiling and inspiring," Affleck says. "Gal as an actress, I think is spectacular. It's an incredibly hard part to pull it off, and she pulls it off with ease and grace, and it's also just really fun to watch. I think it's exciting to him that she's out there and, ultimately, without giving too much away, he realizes that it's not only exciting, but also necessary that he finds more of them if they are, in fact, out there."


Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25.

source: EW