World War Z Trailer: Five Best Scenes

World War Z Trailer

The big movie news of the week was the release of the first ever trailer for World War Z. World War Z is about a U.N. employee who is racing against time and fate, as he travels the world trying to stop the outbreak of a deadly zombie pandemic. The U.N. employee is played by Brad Pitt, and his character Gerry Lane is the central focus of much of the trailer. World War Z shows a different type of zombie than the slow moving zombies like on Walking Dead. Here are our five favorite scenes from the World War Z trailer.

World War Z screaming copThe Screaming Cop Getting Hit By A Truck

– As Gerry Lane gets out of his car to look around, a cop yells at him to get back in his car and remain with his vehicle. As soon as Gerry is back inside his car, a truck comes crashing into the scene and takes out the cop.

World War Z population counterTotal Population Loss Counter

– We have no idea why or how someone would build a computer program to count the total population loss during a zombie apocalypse, but it sure makes for a cool graphic during a movie trailer. The Total Population Loss Counter got up to 4.416 billion before the screen faded to black.

World War Z shooting zombies on a busShooting Zombies On A Bus

– In our first good look at the zombies, they are swarming onto the top of a bus and somehow flipping it over in the process, while the military shoots at them with machine guns. It's an awesome introduction to the zombies, and a clear depiction of what sets them about from the slow moving zombies often seen on TV and in the movies.

World War Z zombies leap for a helicopterZombies Leap For Helicopter

– As Gerry and his family make a run for a rescue helicopter on the top of a building, a group of zombies chases after Gerry. Even though Gerry makes it to the helicopter and gets away, the zombies are undeterred and keep chasing right off the edge of the building.

0commentsWorld War Z zombie pyramidZombie Pyramid

– It's one of the last scenes in the trailer, and it's probably the most visually powerful scene in the trailers. The zombies form a pyramid as they climb on top of each other in rapid succession in an attempt to scale a wall. The zombies look like an angry swam of ants, and the scene really shows the type of threat that they represent.