X-Force Movie: Rob Liefeld Would Cast Tom Hardy or Jon Hamm as Cable


With an X-Force movie apparently coming up soon from 20th Century Fox and the X-franchise riding high on the massive box office success of Days of Future Past, veteran comics artist Rob Liefeld has some ideas for casting one of his most famous creations. Cable, the leader of X-Force and a mutant created around the same time Liefeld breathed life into fan-favorite mercenary Deadpool, is best known among comics fans for his techno-organic virus, his massive shoulder pads and his even-more-massive guns (both biceps and literal guns). So who would Liefeld like to see step into that role? Well, he likes The Dark Knight Rises star Tom Hardy or Mad Men's Jon Hamm. Hardy, of cource, played Bane opposite Christian Bale's Batman, while Hamm is rumored to have been cast as Doctor Strange.

Of course, both of those guys are in huge demand right now, and neither of them has that strong a family resemblance to James Marsden, Cable's father in the X-Men franchise (Cyclops). So it's hard to know just how easy it would be to get one of them. Certainly a track record like $500 million globally in two weeks for Days of Future Past won't hurt the conversations.