X-Men: Days Of Future Past After The Credits Scene Actor Will Be Replaced

X-Men: Days of Future Past released into theaters today and, in typical comic book movie fashion, [...]

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 released into theaters today and, in typical comic book movie fashion, featured an after-the-credits scene hinting at what is to come from in the series' near future. Of course, if you haven't seen the film or don't want to know what's coming next, you should know that spoilers follow. One last warning that SPOILERS FOLLOW BELOW. Are you still with us? Not worried about spoilers? Okay, here we go. The post-credits scene gives us a glimpse at Apocalypse, the titular villain in the next X-Men movie, X-Men: Apocalypse. Apocalypse appears as a young buy in ancient Egypt but writer Simon Kinberg explains the actor will most likely be replaced by someone older for the next film. "The post-credit sequence is a tease into what will be the Apocalypse movie" Kinberg told IGN. "Now the Apocalypse you see – that young boy – may not be the actor who plays the character in our movie. It's a deep back story glimpse into the character, but our movie doesn't take place in ancient Egypt and will likely not star a young boy Apocalypse." For those unfamiliar, Apocalypse is the first mutant of the Marvel universe. Born in the ancient Middle East, Apocalypse was forced into slavery until his mutant powers manifested and he deposed his masters. He then discovered futuristic technology left in ancient Egypt by Kang the Conqueror, under the guise of Rama Tut. Apocalypse would use this technology to continually regenerate his body, allowing him to live for thousands of years and become the powerful villain that he is in the modern day. X-Men: Days of Future Past is now playing in theaters. X-Men: Apocalypse comes to theaters May 27, 2016.