X-Men: Days Of Future Past And Schick Team Up For T-Shirt Giveaway

X-Men: Days of Future Past and Schick are joining forces for the Schick Hydro Challenge, featuring [...]

X-Men Days Of Future Past LogoX-Men: Days of Future Past

and Schick are joining forces for the Schick Hydro Challenge, featuring prizes from X-Men: Days of Future Past. Schick is challenging men to change up their morning routine. Try a Schick Hydro razor and if you don't prefer it to your old razor they'll give you your money back. "Guys are inspired by superheroes like the X-Men because they are never afraid to take on challenges. In order to meet those challenges head-on, the X-Men must transform themselves – just like almost every guy in this country does each morning through his daily grooming routine," explains Matt Rader, group marketing director for Men's Razors and Blades at Energizer Personal Care. "As the X-Men tackle challenge after challenge in this film, we want men to do the same by rethinking their grooming routine and taking the Schick Hydro Challenge. Shaving with a  Schick Hydro razor may not transform them into the X-Men, but we know it will make them feel a superhero as they head out to face the day." Those who take the challenge and buy any two X-Men branded Schick can receive a free, exclusive X-Men t-shirt through a mail-in offer. Schick is going further than that, launching the X-Men Challenge on Facebook. By going to X-MenChallenge.Schick.com, fans can compete against the clock and challenge friends at trivia to see who has the greater knowledge of the X-Men film franchise. For every game played, fans will be entered to win weekly prizes, including X-Men: Days of Future Past merchandise and HD televisions. One winner will receive over $1,800 in X-Men merchandise. "Schick has developed a fun and engaging campaign to reach male consumers, many of whom are huge fans of the X-Men movie franchise," said Zachary Eller, Senior Vice President, Marketing Partnerships, 20th Century Fox. "Schick allows us to reach our core moviegoer via critical retail visibility, and their program helps to create excitement about the movie in homes across the U.S. with their custom X-Men packaging and gift sets. We are amazed by the enormous and ubiquitous retail excitement this program has generated."