X-Men: Days of Future Past Expected To Take a Huge Tumble at the Box Office

X-Men: Days of Future Past

While last week's dominant #1 movie, X-Men: Days of Future Past, will likely come in second at the box office this weekend behind Disney's new Sleeping Beauty spinoff Maleficent, it will do so with only about a third of the $92 million it made last weekend, according to estimates. A decrease of about 66% is expected, which is 10% bigger than the loss Captain America: The Winter Soldier took but has become just about standard for big tentpole movies this year. With so many huge competing blockbusters (Maleficent is set to open at around $70 million), it's difficult to keep momentum going for multiple weeks; Captain America did it, but even over-performing hits like Godzilla have had only a week at the top of the charts, followed by a 68% drop the following weekend. Maleficent won't come anywhere close to Godzilla or Days of Future Past's final numbers, in all likelihood; the word-of-mouth on it is fair at best and Angelina Jolie has never starred in a live-action movie that made more than $200 million (Kung-Fu Panda made $215 million and is her top earner), which at least X-Men is expected to top in its first few weeks.