X-Men, Fantastic Four Movies To Be Marvel Cinematic Universe Canon?


In his interview with SFX Magazine that we told you about earlier today, Fox's Marvel maven Mark Millar would reportedly like for the Fox movies he's overseeing to play nicely with the Marvel Studios films being produced at Disney, so that all of the films coexist in the same, shared universe. Millar is in good company there; besides his take on the Fox films (which include the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises), Sony's Spider-Man films are interested in riding the Marvel Cinematic Universe's coattails. Back when both The Amazing Spider-Man and Marvel's The Avengers were in production, the studios attempted to digitally render Oscorp Tower into the backgrounds of certain New York cityscape shots in The Avengers in order to show fans the two films could take place in the same city, even if the characters weren't in a position to stand mask to mask on the big screen. More recently, it was revealed that both Fox and Sony were interested in creating smaller shared universes between their Marvel Universe movies, with Spider-Man theoretically tying in with Ghost Rider and the rumored Venom movie while the X-Men and Wolverine movies jive their timeline with the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot from Chronicle director Josh Trank. Daredevil, of course, recently left Fox and headed back to Disney after an October 10 deadline to get shooting underway came and went. Whether a new version of that movie will head into development anytime soon is questionable; director Joe Carnahan took the sizzle reel he showed Fox to the public and managed to impress fans online, but Marvel hasn't commented or even speculated about the future of the Man Without Fear since it became clear they would be getting the character back.