Zach Galligan Pushing For a Godzilla Sized Gremlin


Zach Galligan, the star of Gremlins and Gremlins: The New Batch, sat down with IGN to discuss what he would like to see in the third Gremlins movie, which is currently being developed by Chris Columbus. Surprisingly, Galligan has put a lot of thought into it as he's already written a treatment for it in his spare time. Though, that treatment has nothing to do with the new film.

"I wondered if there wasn't some way you could do different liquids as opposed to just water," Galligan told IGN. "If some liquids would somehow chemically react with them and cause different creatures to burst out of them. You could play with those substance ideas."

He also suggested having to sell Gizmo on Ebay because he sees Belly Peltzer as a single father struggling to get by. The proposed buyer would be someone uber-rich like Richard Branson. Another suggestion was having the Gremlins form into one Godzilla-sized Gremlin and terrorizing London.

"They burrow and hide somewhere where we can't locate them, and what happens is – do you know what a fractal is? A fractal is when you have one thing that's a piece, and when you put them together it makes an entire piece," he explained. "So if you had a little baby pyramid and you put other pyramids together you'd make one big pyramid. So the gremlins all mass together and form one huge gremlin. Kind of like a Godzilla-sized one that bursts out of London knocking over Big Ben and stuff like that."


The new Gremlins film is currently being written by screenwriter Carl Ellsworth, who previously wrote the screenplays for the Goosebumps movie, Disturbia, and the remakes of The Last House on the Left and Red Dawn. Chris Columbus will co-produce the remake with Steven Spielberg.