Zack Snyder Talks About New Batman V. Superman Batmobile

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

The director of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has started up his promotional tour a little earlier than most would think, perhaps because of the weight that's on the movie for Warner Bros, or maybe, if this first official appearance is any indication, simply because he's just so excited about it.

That's what it looked like when he appeared on Conan last night, excitedly talking about the film that will pit two of DC's biggest icons against one another, while also introducing Wonder Woman and other Justice Leaguers into the mix.

Snyder talked a bit specifically about the Batmobile we'll see in the film, after his appearance in it at Comic-Con was brought up. Afterall, "if you're the smallest amount of a dork, you want to make a Batmobile, right?" as he said.

While the last version of the Batmobile was "repurposed from the military," Snyder said, "the cool thing about our Batmobile is that it's purposely built by Bruce Wayne, to be the Batmobile. So it's a bit... batty-er, you could say."

That's why there are higher "wings" on the back of the Batmobile. He also pointed out that this car can actually be driven - and when Superman stands on it in that new clip he brought, he's standing on the real deal, reinforced just to make that scene possible.