Deadpool Trailer: Five Best Moments

Well, it's half a day later, and sadly, the Deadpool trailer is not on the internet yet – well, not officially anyway. But we've seen it (ahem, many times) and picked out our favorite moments from this first footage of Deadpool in action.

Don't Make the Super Suit Green!

It's the best quote from the trailer: "Don't make the super suit green – or animated!" That's what Wade Wilson yells to the people who are going to give him superpowers and make him into a "hero," as they walk away after the hard sell. It's a perfect look at how the movie handles humor, and specifically how it handles fourth wall humor. Ryan Reynolds, of course, played Green Lantern and wore a CGI-only green super suit, if somehow you didn't get that joke.

Test Footage Redux

The middle of the trailer is a quick-cut replay of the test footage leak that made this all happen. It was cool to see them splice that in, with a bunch of new stuff added in and out of it, and really acknowledge, "Yeah, this is why we're making this movie." The way he moves in the test footage is pulled right into the rest of the action of the trailer, too, so it's still a very good indication of how he'll rock.

The Swords Come Out

Gunplay is cool, and when, towards the end of the trailer, he shoots three bad guys in very quick succession, it's awesome. But when the swords come out for some more up close and personal combat, that's when the action really shines. Of course, swords don't do too well against the shiny metal butt of Colossus, but the brief flashes of fight choreography show how much the filmmakers care about every aspect of this movie.

"Negasonic Teenage – What the Sh*t?"

A quick shot of Deadpool meeting Colossus and his sidekick Negasonic Teenage Warhead is laugh-out-loud funny every single time you see it. She introduces herself with that name, and Deadpool at first seems like he's going to make fun of her.

"Negasonic Teenage – What the SH*T?" he starts. "That is the best name ever!"

It's another of those quintessential Deadpool moments that makes you feel like you're reading a comic, rather than watching a big-budget action film.

The Language and Humor

Have you gotten the point yet, that we're really digging the humor here? Well, let's continue, shall we? Yes, the language in this movie is going to be foul, likely earning the hard R rating even moreso than the violence. But damn, is it funny. Probably the funniest moment of dialogue (out of the many side-splitting moments) comes at Deadpool's expense, when TJ Miller's character Weasel sees his face without a mask for the first time. "You look like Freddie Krueger f***ed a topographical map of Utah!" Deadpool just sits there and agrees with Weasel, which is outstanding.


Honorable mention goes to Deadpool bumping into creator Rob Liefeld in a club and just nodding and saying, "Liefeld."