86,000 People Apply For Game Of Thrones Extra Roles

Game of Thrones received 86,000 applications to be extras in a battle scene filming in Spain, according to Entertainment Weekly. Unfortunately for 85,400 of the applicants, the series was only need 600 extras.

The applicants ranged from people in need of the work, to wealthy bankers wo took time off for a chance to appear in the show.

Spain has welcomed Game of Thrones warmly since it began filming here, using the country as a stand-in for the kingdom of Dorne. HBO has hired over 1,000 local workers to aid in the production, and Game of Thrones is expected to generate millions of dollars in revenue for the country. Spain is reported to have already seen an increase in tourism since production was announced.

“It’s been a great, uplifting moment for the country,” James Costos, the U.S. Ambassador to Spain told EW. “There’s tremendous excitement all over Spain, and it highlights the fact there are incredibly talented people here.”


Spain is the latest addition to Game of Thrones’ multinational production, which continues to also film in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Initial filming was centered on the Alcázar palace, which is being used for the royal seat of House Martell, still grieving after last season’s loss of Prince Oberyn Martell. Filming has since moved on to Osuna for the filming of large-scale battles.