Woman Killed By A Driver Playing Pokemon Go


The latest in a line of tragedies that seem to have followed Pokemon Go is one of the saddest, as a woman has been killed in Japan after being struck by a man who was playing Pokemon Go while driving. The driver actually hit two female pedestrians, but the other woman was seriously injured and survived.

According to The Japan Times, the driver told police that he was indeed playing Pokemon Go while driving, an action that should come as common sense that you shouldn't be doing while behind the wheel, never mind texting or making calls. The National Police Agency has confirmed that this is in fact Japan's first fatality related to Pokemon Go as of yet.

The elderly woman as 72 years old, as reported by Kotaku. After being struck she was taken to the hospital and passed away there, though the other woman, 60, survived after being hit by the car. The driver was subsequently arrested for his actions.

Pokemon Go is and always has been a game about exploring, but there are warnings in the game itself that you can't miss when you start it up that warn and caution against these very things, such as staying mindful of your surroundings and watching where you're going. It's clear they had no effect on this driver, who could have avoided taking an elderly woman's life.

Unfortunately, with games like these and as we live in a mobile age, these kinds of tragedies might well be seen more often, as people just can't pay attention. Not long ago someone fell off a cliff while playing, cars have been crashed, and other bizarre accidents have happened. Perhaps instead of trying to catch 'em all, players might want to soon concern themselves with staying alive and safe rather than risking their lives for virtual monsters.


via GameSpot