Adult Swim Renews Mike Tyson Mysteries, Black Jesus, And Mr. Pickles

Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block of programming has renewed three of its original television [...]

Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block of programming has renewed three of its original television shows, including Black Jesus, Mike Tyson Mysteries, and Mr. Pickles.

According to Deadline, the three programs will continue to highlight Cartoon Network's mature-themed slot, which was recently expanded to include the 8:00 p.m. hour block. Each series will continue onto their sophomore seasons.

Mike Tyson Mysteries, which premiered in November, follows the famed boxer as he solves strange and uncanny mysteries in the vein of Scooby Doo. Aided by his adopted Korean daughter, a pigeon with a man's soul trapped inside, and the spirit of the Ghost of Marquees, Tyson has traveled to the moon and hunted leprechauns. And yes, the Mike Tyson character is indeed voiced by the boxer.

Mr. Pickles details a quaint, vintage town that's bombarded by 21st century modernization. The series focuses in on one of the town's families, who are highlighted by six-year old son Tommy and his pet dog Mr. Pickles. The series has attracted a strong following, pulling in almost 1.5 million viewers in the young adult demographic.

Finally, Black Jesus is one of Adult Swim's few live-action shows. Its plot centers around a Jesus who resurrects in Compton, California. As the returned Jesus tries spreading faith and good will towards all men, he is aided by his foolish but affable disciples.

Black Jesus airs at 11:00 p.m., Mike Tyson Mysteries airs at 11:30 p.m., and Mr. Pickles airs at 11:45 on on Adult Swim.