All-New Marvel NOW! Launches With New Titles

Inhuman_1_CoverUPDATED: New versions of the three covers, complete with full cover copy, have been provided by Marvel Comics and it does appear as though the Marvel NOW! logo will remain on the covers at least for the time being. Along with the New 52 logo, fans have been wondering how long that image would remain on covers if the respective relaunches are meant to be understood as long-term relaunches rather than a temporary status quo, so when the Marvel NOW! logo didn't appear on the USA Today covers, which otherwise appeared final, we assumed Marvel had grabbed the opportunity to do away with it.Original story follows.

The Marvel NOW! logo looks to be disappearing from the covers of Marvel Comics in December as the publisher announced today that they will indeed launch the long-rumored second phase of the publishing initiative--now titled "All-New Marvel NOW" and featuring a handful of new titles as well as a new look for the covers that doesn't feature the Marvel NOW! logo.

All-New Marvel NOW begins December 24 with Avengers No. 24.NOW, according to USA Today.

Avengers_24.NOW_CoverThe issue appears to feature a new "#1" logo on the cover along with "Rogue Planet," which we're assuming is the title of the arc. They may, then, be using a philosophy similar to that used in Amelia Cole--keeping the numbering of the actual title constant but then also having numbering depicted on the cover that indicates the issue's place in the current story and therefore never rises so high as to seem daunting to new readers.

Select NOW issues of ongoing series will also have a digital code for the first collection of issues in the hopes of getting new or lapsed readers caught up.

"If you haven't been reading Hulk or Captain America or Thor, here's a spot where you can start cleanly and get on board," said Marvel executive editor Tom Brevoort.


Along with the new cover treatment for Avengers, USA Today has cover art for Inhuman by Matt Fraction and Joe Madiurera and All-New Invaders by James Robinson and Steve Pugh. They also affirm earlier reports that both Black Widow and Silver Surfer comics are coming soon.

"Our catalog rolls deep," says Marvel editor in chief Axel Alonso, "and it's giving people fresh, new voices, breathing new life into characters that quite frankly just deserve their own spotlight."