Amazing Spider-Man 2 Casting Call Brings Spoilers

Consider that headline your spoiler warning, but just in case you missed it, we'll give you some space.

The second movie in Marc Webb's Amazing Spider-Man trilogy, due in the theaters in 2014 and set to go before the cameras in February, has had its second casting call in as many days hit the Internet, and this time it carries with it an admittedly small and cryptic spoiler, but a spoiler nonetheless.

According to Bleeding Cool, the production is looking for:

Men & Women, 18-70 age range, to portray Friends & Family Mourning at a Funeral/ Wake. The scene is scheduled to film February 14th, 2013. This is very featured & I will be submitting photos to the Director.

Caucasian Man, 50s-60s age range, to portray a Priest at a Funeral. The scene is scheduled to film July 1st, 2013. This is very featured & I will be submitting photos to the Director.

While it's unclear whose funeral they may be attending, the fact that the scene will be shoot at both the beginning and end of filming could indicate that it plays into the death of a major character, as the Priest's speech at the funeral may be filming five months after the rest of the service so as to avoid dozens of extras knowing about it and then sharing the information on social media, as happened when amateur photos from Harvey Dent's funeral was leaked before The Dark Knight ever hit theaters.

It's also interesting that while the casting call doesn't specify race for the mourners, it does for the Priest. Could the priest be a cinematic adaptation of a particular character from Spider-Man mythology?