Amazing Spider-Man 2 Daily Bugle Teases Ultimate Spider-Slayer

The Daily Bugle Tech Beat

If The Daily Bugle viral website is any indication, Sony Pictures is really serious about expanding the Spider-Man universe. Previously, The Daily Bugle mentioned Spencer Smythe, who created the Spider-Slayers. Now, The Daily Bugle has run an interview with Spencer, where he mentions his son Alistair Smyther, who became the Ultimate Spider-Slayer.

Here's the full article from The Daily Bugle, which is entitled "Tech Beat: Exploring Mobility."

OsCorp Industries wants to usher in an age of robotics, and has pumped piles of cash into robotics research. My interview mission? Pry some secrets out of OsCorp’s Head Engineer, Spencer Smythe.

DB: Can you summarize your recent work in one word?

Smythe: Mobility.

DB: Elaborate, please.

Smythe: If you wanted an elaborate answer, why did you ask for a single word?

DB: Tell me something no one else knows about your research.

Smythe: We have made significant breakthroughs in the field of manned flight technology, fluidity of movement, speed and dexterity evinced by our larger robotic devices.

DB: Hardware or software?

Smythe: Both. One feeds the other. Better machines with enhanced artificial intelligence networks making informed, logical choices at greater speeds. Better bodies and better brains.

DB: And how do you see this being commercially applied?

Smythe (laughing): I don’t do marketing. Engineering innovation doesn’t result from a focus on revenue.

DB: There are rumors the NYPD is interested.

Smythe: Well, if you want to catch the right fly, you have to spin the right web.

DB: Very clever. One last thing, how is it working with your son?

Smythe: Alistair is a brilliant young engineer and I’m thrilled to see his career develop. I’d better watch my back or he’ll have my job before too long!


DB: Domo arigato.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in movie theaters in the United States on May 2, 2014.