Amazing Spider-Man 2 Viral Site Looks For Norman Osborn, Teases Harry as Green Goblin

Norman Osborn

Harry's "a little green," get it?

That's from an Oscorp PR rep in the latest blog from the Daily Bugle viral site, which tackles the question of where Norman Osborn is in the wake of his company's massive public relations nightmare when they unwittingly set The Lizard loose on the world in The Amazing Spider-Man.

Osborn, whose health problems are apparently a key plot point in the second movie, will see his son take on the role of Green Goblin in the film--a switch from both the comic book source material and the Sam Raimi trilogy. To what end, we're not yet sure--but are there clues buried in the entry below? Read on...

Norman Osborn, CEO of OsCorp Industries, not seen in public or heard from in months, remains in seclusion amidst growing speculation about the severity of his condition.

The mounting concern for Osborn’s health, combined with OsCorp Industries’ recent problems with Dr. Curt Connors, has generated increased focus on the readiness of the company’s heir apparent, Harry Osborn, to assume control of the multinational conglomerate.


When asked for an official statement about Harry’s role with the company, the standard company PR line is “Harry is currently studying in Europe.”

After being shown photographic evidence of Harry partying on the Riviera with a bevy of barely-clad supermodels, OsCorp’s spokesman Donald Menken said, “A snapshot cannot capture a life. Harry is a brilliant young man with a very bright future. He may be a little green, but the future is bright.”