Amazing Spider-Man #700 Proves To Be A Huge Sales Hit

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While Marvel's decision to kill off Peter Parker might have been upsetting to many comic book fans, the Amazing Spider-Man #700 is still proving to be an enormous sales success. Despite a rather limited selection of titles being released on December 26, the comic book stores that talked to were reporting robust sales for yesterday mainly due to Amazing Spider-Man #700. Fans who might not have ventured out in the rather wintery weather across much of the U.S. were making the trip to their local comic book stores to make sure they got Amazing Spider-Man #700 before it sold out. On Twitter, OK Comics in the UK tweeted, "OK Comics is open! But get in quick if you want Amazing Spider-Man 700. Even though we massively over-ordered, we only have THREE left!" According to, Bedrock Comics was getting a lot of calls on the issue and reported that all the Spider-Man titles for the last three months have sold out. In addition to comic book stores doing well, Amazing Spider-Man #700 seems to be doing extremely well in digital comic sales. With all the news coverage on the death of Peter Parker, it appears that many fans are turning online to see what all the hype is about. Digital comics site Comixology reported a service lag and tweeted, "We're experiencing some heavy server traffic. : ( Thanks A LOT, @DanSlott! #ASM700". It should also come as no surprise that Amazing Spider-Man #700 currently sits atop Comixology's Top Ten Bestsellers list.On, Amazing Spider-Man #700 is currently the #1 best seller among all Marvel Comics and Graphic Novels. Marvel Comics has also announced that Amazing Spider-Man #700 and Avenging Spider-Man #15.1 have already sold out at the distributor level and second printings will arrive in stores on January 30th.