Amazing Spider-Man #700 Spoilers Leaked Online

Amazing Spider-Man #700

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the Internet, Amazing Spider-Man #700 spoilers have leaked all over the place. Amazing Spider-Man #700 isn’t scheduled to arrive in comic book stores until December 26, but apparently someone got their presents a little bit early.

Photos of the final pages of Amazing Spider-Man #700 have been circulating on various sites, along with a detailed breakdown of exactly what happens in the issue. A similar situation happened with Amazing Spider-Man #698 when scans of a page showing the big twist in the issue surfaced online ahead of the official release.

In Amazing Spider-Man #698, it was revealed that Doctor Octopus had switched minds with Peter Parker, while retaining Peter Parker’s memories. Fans have been wondering if the switch would be permanent or if somehow the real Peter Parker would re-emerge. While we won’t spoil the surprise here, the spoilers are not difficult to find on Reddit and Twitter.