Amazing Spider-Man #700 Variant Set Hits A Grand On eBay

Amazing Spider-Man #700 Steve Ditko variant

With news outlets across the country reporting on the death of Peter Parker, comic book stores are seeing a flurry of interest in Amazing Spider-Man #700. Just like with Superman’s death twenty years ago, the speculator market is hot to pick up copies of the Peter Parker death issue.

Amazing Spider-Man #700 is already sold out at many comic book stores across the country, which means collectors are already turning to eBay. While the regular cover version of Amazing Spider-Man #700 is selling for just slightly above cover price, the variant covers are quickly escalating in price.

In fact, a collection of all eight variant covers for Amazing Spider-Man #700 recently sold on eBay for a cool grand. The most popular of all the variant covers is the Steve Ditko variant, which is limited to 1 in 200 copies. A copy of the Amazing Spider-Man #700 Ditko variant recently sold by itself on eBay for $600.