Amazing Spider-Man #700 Writer Getting Death Threats

Amazing Spider-Man #700

How upset are people over Amazing Spider-Man #700? Apparently, a little bit to upset. After pages and a plot summary of Amazing Spider-Man #700 leaked on the Internet, many fans took to social media to express their displeasure. Most of the public threats on Twitter appeared to be just people saying they would never read Spider-Man again or buy another Marvel comic book.

However, Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott has indicated he has received some more serious threats over the issue. Slott tweeted, “FYI. Death threats and threats of violence are being reported. Please use social media responsibly. Thank you.”

Dan Slott also pointed out that he has no problem with criticism as long as people don’t take it too far. Slott tweeted, “I'm blocking rudeness and vulgarity. Instantly. Not criticism. Feel free to be critical if you can keep it civil. Thank you.”

Two other tweets by Dan Slott seem to suggest a specific threat. Slott tweeted, “Thanks. I know who you are. I have a screen cap. You live in the US. That's illegal and NOT covered under free speech. Expect legal action.” Slott also added, “No. Not rattled at all. I'm middle aged and out of shape. I can't take someone in a fight. But I CAN sue them. Till it hurts. So worth it.”