Amazing Spider-Man Clip, TV Spot Hit the Web

With a July 3 release date, Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man is releasing new footage and interviews nearly every day, building a fever pitch of anticipation for the superhero reboot. Yesterday was no exception, with not one but two such videos making their way online, giving fans a sense for what to expect from director Marc Webb's decidedly different take on the Spider-Man mythology.

With Sam Raimi's movies out in special edition Blu Rays this week and a DVD of a scene floating around Wal-Mart, it's hard to say what exactly we haven't seen yet from Spidey...but there's some suggestions of it here, that's for sure.

A thirty-second TV spot (below) plays up the relationships in the film--both with Gwen Stacy (he falls for her immediately and is encouraged by Aunt May and Uncle Ben to pursue her); and with his family. It also gives a wink and a nod to Spider-Man's best-known tag line. "It's my responsibility," he tells Gwen of saving the day.

Next, a clip from the film sees Spider-Man squaring off against The Lizard in the Manhattan sewers, surrounded by what look to be mutated rats. Could that shot of The Lizard opening a can of gas that we've seen in a number of ads actually be him drugging the water supply and/or the animals in the sewer to serve as  his minions, or at least a distraction for Spider-Man and the cops while he tries to do his thing?

Fair warning on this one: it appears to be ripped off of TV or filmed from a cell phone camera. Quality is nowhere near broadcast quality, so if you want everything you see to be in HD, wait a while for this to hit the Web in a better-quality version.