'Amazing Spider-Man Looks Promising--Despite the Trailer

After a bootleg trailer caused Sony to release the official 'Amazing Spider-Man' trailer prematurely this week, opinions varied about the reboot of one of the most popular franchises in all of comic books (and pop culture, for that matter). Some folks loved it, especially enjoying the 3-D nature and view. Others, like myself, thought it looked like a complete knockoff of the first Spider-Man movie with Toby Maguire.

But after today's panel on the new film, I doubt many folks will take a negative view of the film. Andrew Garfield, a curious choice as Peter Parker, stole the show with his fanboy impression. Garfield strolled to the Q&A microphone dressed as a poor man's Spider-Man and began asking questions. When he took off his mask, the crowd went crazy.

On top of that, Garfield showed he's a true hardcore comics fan when talking in the panel. That carries a ton of weight with audiences.

As far as the trailer goes, luckily we were treated to additional footage. And although my 5 year old appears to have seen the entire plot in the animated 'Amazing Spider-Man' series, there is definitely potential. Peter Parker has a budding relationship with Gwen Stacy (we know how that will turn out), played by the wonderful Emma Stone. Garfield and Stone seem to have pretty solid screen chemistry, which bodes well.

We're going to give it the benefit of the doubt--despite the trailer. Comic Book films need another giant hit, and we're hoping 'Amazing Spider-Man' will be the next in line.