Amazing Spiderman #700 Hits $2 Million In Print Sales

Amazing Spider-Man #700

Earlier this week, reported that several retailers were reporting strong sales on Amazing Spider-Man #700. Now, we have a little bit more concrete number on just how well Amazing Spider-Man #700 is doing.

In an interview with BusinessWeek, Marvel Comics Editor In Chief Axel Alonso revealed that Amazing Spider-Man #700 has sold nearly 250,000 copies in print alone. Alonso also said that Amazing Spider-Man #700 is the best-selling comic book at its price point in the last decade at least.

Of course, Amazing Spider-Man #700 has a $7.99 cover price, and it’s hard to even thing of another comic book released at that price point in the past. Given the $7.99 price point, Amazing Spider-Man #700 will result in $1,997,500 in retail sales if comic book stores sell out of their supply. Given that most comic book stores are selling variant copies for well above cover price, it’s probably a pretty safe bet that Amazing Spider-Man #700 will rack up well over $2 million in retail print sales.

In addition to print sales, Amazing Spider-Man #700 has also been a top seller on Comixology. Digital sales numbers for Amazing Spider-Man #700 have not been released yet.