America Needs Superman Now

It was a month ago that a back-up story in Action Comics #900 started what was one of the greatest [...]

America Needs Superman

It was a month ago that a back-up story in Action Comics #900 started what was one of the greatest comic book controversies of all time. In the back-up story, the President's National Security Advisor was giving Superman grief over how his recent action of standing with protestors in Iran had created an international incident. During the conversation, snipers with kryptonite bullets had Superman in their targets in case it turned out he had gone rogue. Superman reacted by saying he was going to renounce his U.S. citizenship so his actions wouldn't be construed as U.S. policy. Because of Superman's history of standing for the American way, the thought of Superman renouncing his U.S. citizenship set off a firestorm of controversy in the mainstream media. DC Comics indicated the story would not be followed up on, but many have been waiting for Action Comics #901 to see if there would be any further developments. Action Comics #901 hit comic book stores today, and it seems that DC Comics was good to their word that the back-up story was a stand alone story. Action Comics #901 continues the main storyline of Superman's showdown with multiple Doomsdays and makes no mention of the U.S. citizenship controversy. In fact, there is one page that is in direct contrast to the back-up story. In Action Comics #901, the United States Air Force detects a mass object heading at lightspeed toward the earth. The object is so large and moving so fast it will cause a planetary extinction event. Unable to locate any of the super powered beings of Earth, the United States President makes a televised appeal, where he says, "Superman—Your country needs you now!" The President's actions are quite a change of direction from being willing to put a kryptonite bullet in Superman for going to Iran. The threat of planetary extinction seems to heal all wounds. So where is Superman? We don't to give that part of the story away, but pick up Action Comics #901 to find out exactly why the President is having trouble locating him.