American Dad Season 9 Episode 15: Honey, I'm Homeland

American Dad - Honey, I'm Homeland

A new episode of American Dad, “Honey, I’m Homeland,” will air tonight on Fox.

In “Honey, I’m Homeland,” Stan attempts to infiltrate the “Occupy” movement, based on CIA intelligence that a leftist cell is planning a terrorist attack. But when he’s captured and returned home by a group of radicals, Hayley suspects her father may have been “turned.”

The voice cast includes Seth MacFarlane as Stan Smith and Roger the Alien; Wendy Schaal as Francine Smith; Rachael MacFarlane as Hayley; Scott Grimes as Steve; Dee Bradley Baker as Klaus; and Jeff Fischer as Jeff.

Guest voice stars include Kathryn Hahn as Luli and Ira Glass as himself

American Dad, “Honey, I’m Homeland,” airs Sunday, April 6 at 7:30 pm ET on Fox.