An Uncertain Future For Carl In The Walking Dead #137

This might sound obvious since it's the zombie apocalypse and all, but things aren’t looking so good for Carl Grimes.

Image has released the first look at their cover to "The Walking Dead #137," illustrated by Charlie Adlard and Dave Stewart. As the cover shows, the one-eyed Carl is looking rather peeved about something. The only clue that Image would provide was the single solicitation sentence, "A future uncertain."

That…certainly opens up some possibilities. We do know that Carl has been going through a rough time lately (again, obvious). In this month's The Walking Dead #134, Carl admitted that he might have killed the two boys that attacked Sophia. It wouldn’t be the first time that Rick’s son has killed, but these murders might carry some extra baggage for the character.

Either way, the cover image will make more sense soon enough. "The Walking Dead #137" ships in February 2015, and the next issue, #135, hits stores on December 10th.