Another Look at Suicide Squad's Joker


The new issue of Empire magazine is the gift that keeps on giving for fans excited for Suicide Squad, with images galore and insight from the magazine about the film. The second film of 2016's big launch of the DC Movie Universe, Suicide Squad is coming out of the shadow of Batman V Superman and this is its coming out party.

Despite few details about how much the Joker is actually in this film, he'd been a big part of the marketing, and for good reason: the character is incredibly popular, and lends himself to drastically different takes in each of his interpretations, a trend that looks to continue. After the cover reveal earlier, another fan has captured a second look at Jared Leto as The Joker from within the magazine.

The shot features Joker holding electrical wires, like the ones he is seen holding in the trailer. Looks like some torture is about to go down. Like the cover, Joker is not smiling in this image. While the smile and laugh are part of his signature style, fans will remember that the last live-action Joker, played by Heath Ledger, didn't do a lot of smiling, either.


Empire's Suicide Squad themed issue is hitting subscribers now, and will be on stands, soon, reportedly with other Squad covers.